With only 7 years as a licensed cosmetologist, LaKenya Morris is expanding her Beauty Culture into providing HIGH QUALITY Virgin Hair. Her focus and expertise has been only to provide superior extension services and educating her clients along with others on the quality, expectation and maintenance of premium hair extensions. Although hair has been sold to the consumer for over a decade now, clients are still being provided hair, but are not being fully educated on the who, what and why of their extensions. She has decided to fill that gap and take out the guess and chance when purchasing extensions.


As a extensions specialist, I would find myself educating clients on hair bought outside of the salon and finding that the quality of hair was not a match for the desired look and lifestyle” – LaKenya Morris

With the knowledge obtained from trial and error with several types of hair extensions, LaKenya realized that she could provide and make sure that her clients in addition to the other millions of women who desire top quality hair are getting the product that they deserve!


Several years of research and observation has led LaKenya to the birth of:




The goal of Allure LUXE Extensions is to increase the quality of product being sold and educate the uninformed of the who, what and why of Virgin Hair. With INTEGRITY being the number one CORE VALUE of the culture, we will make it a point to be continuously ‘Promoting Healthy, Luxurious Beauty’

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